Our BIM services

Building information modeling (BIM) is a digital modeling method that centralises and integrates all information relating to the lifecycle of a building or infrastructure, encompassing design, construction and management .

Welcome to Just BIM It, where we offer a complete range of services dedicated to integrating and optimizing the BIM process. Our expertise is multi-faceted aime at maximizing efficiency and quality at every stage of your project.

We specialise in the seamless integration of the BIM process into public procurement law. Our team ensures full compliance with regulations while fully exploiting the advantages offered by BIM, thereby promoting transparency, increased collaboration and efficiency in public construction projects.

We work in partnership with our clients to design and implement BIM strategies tailored to their specific needs. From initial planning to full integration into existing workflows, our team ensures that the BIM strategy is aligned with project objectives, improving coordination and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Our BIM training service offers an immersive experience, covering both aspects of the BIM process and the practical use of tools such as Revit. We are committed to building the skills of your team, supporting the effective adoption and successful implementation of BIM in your projects.

Explore the time dimension and future perspectives of your project with our 4D to 7D BIM simulation services. The 4D visualisation incorporates the time factor, while the extension to 7D includes aspects such as cost, sustainability and operation, providing an in-depth and predictive understanding of your project.

Our BIM Management service ensures effective orchestration of all components of the BIM process. From planning to implementation, we optimise workflows, improve coordination between teams and ensure that the project successfully achieves its objectives.

Coordination is essential to avoid conflicts and minimise errors. We provide in-depth BIM coordination, aligning the different models and disciplines to ensure perfect harmony and smooth execution on site.

In-depth BIM analysis goes beyond simple modelling. We use advanced tools to assess energy performance, structural resilience, and other aspects crucial to ensuring the quality and sustainability of your project.

Our BOQ service provides an accurate estimate of the quantities of materials required, facilitating transparent budget management and value for money.

We are committed to offering complete BIM solutions, from design to completion, to optimise your construction projects and position you at the forefront of innovation in the sector.


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